Scripture tells us that laughter does good like medicine. Laughter is freeing. It’s revitalizing. It helps keep our perspective set in the right direction. Laughter also helps us keep the connections strong in relationships and lets us enjoy life that much more. We can’t take everything so seriously all the time. We have to make time to enjoy the people in our lives, to relax, to play and to laugh no matter what we may be facing in life.

Did you know that God Himself laughs in the heavens? It says in Psalm 2 that God laughs at His adversaries. Because He laughs, we can laugh. We can laugh at the challenges to come because we know that with God, we have the victory!

Imagine if you were watching the rerun of a sports game on TV and already knew who the winner was. Well, it wouldn’t matter what happened throughout the game or how far behind the winning team was. You wouldn’t get upset or stressed because you already know the outcome. It’s the same way when we face adversity with God. We can laugh at the days ahead because we know that we are on the winning side!

Today and every day, make time to laugh. Find enjoyment in your relationships and keep things light-hearted. Set your focus on what God is going to do in your future. Put your faith and trust in Him so you can laugh your way to victory!

” The One enthroned in heaven laughs…” (Psalm 2:4, NIV)

Victoria Osteen


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